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The Heart and Soul Behind Grace Manor Events

Guided by an unwavering dream and a shared passion, the Sladecek family has artfully transformed their property into an enchanting wedding venue. Motivated by a profound desire to craft not just events but timeless memories filled with love and joy, every facet, from the picturesque landscapes to the delightful event spaces, mirrors their dedication to transforming dreams into enduring moments.


At the heart of their endeavor are core values centered around family—a divine gift in their belief—and faith, steadfast in their trust in God. Grace Manor Events serves as their canvas for commemorating love and shaping treasured memories.


With meticulous attention to detail, they have curated an elegant and inviting space, ideal for creating indelible celebrations. Stepping into Grace Manor Events means entering their narrative, where your celebration seamlessly becomes part of their ongoing legacy of love and passion.

Take a Look Inside

Construction at GME

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