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Grooms Attire - Alternatives to the Traditional Black Tux

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Shopping for wedding attire may seem like a lot of pressure but it does not have to be stressful. Let's say your wedding is just six months away and it's time to dress the men, but it's a late summer wedding in Texas. What should they wear? I am sharing some great alternatives to the traditional wedding tuxedo. These options are still formal enough for a wedding and can be customized to coordinate with your wedding colors.

For your wedding, you can pretty much never go wrong by wearing a tux. But if black just isn't your color, there is an array of choices for you from many retailers. Start by finding a retailer you like and seeing what options they have. You may choose to purchase one that is in stock or customize your own. If you would like to have your groomsmen coordinate with you without fronting the cost of a brand-new tux, have them rent one. Some of my favorite rental options are:

Tuxedos just aren't your thing? That's okay. You can still look nice for your big wedding day without sacrificing comfort. Try some of these other outfit options:

It's easy to think that men don't have nearly as many options as women do on their wedding day but that just isn't true. Finding the right style is important for you to ensure that you can fully enjoy your special day. There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on a day meant to celebrate you. Need more inspiration? Check out Pinterest or the Instagram pages of some of your favorite retailers to help you find the look you envision for your spec


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